About Lilli

Lilli is a Professional Singer turned Transformational Confidence Coach.

Following a Spiritual Awakening in 2018 Lilli realised that she is here for a divine purpose (Psst!  The same is true for you!).  She channelled a message which said she is here for those souls who are just waking up.  She had the image of a holiday rep at an airport greeting holidaymakers off the plane and she realised that this is who she is!  She is the Universal holiday rep, here to help you navigate the frustration, fear and anxiety that shows up when you've wandered from your path!


Still here?  Awesome!

Lilli uses her background as a Professional Singer to reconnect people back to their soul.  Music is such a powerful medium for doing this and Singing specifically teaches many amazing life lessons along the way!

Lilli knows that her work is important and that the message needs to reach all the way around the world.  She has therefore created multiple ways in which to get her message out into the world.

She is the host of The Confidence Academy Podcast, which launched in 2017 and Founder of The Lilli Club - a monthly membership community where members can access multiple trainings and masterclasses to help them on their path.  Lilli also owns The Evolution Choir - a local singing group designed to help it's members manage or even overcome anxiety and low confidence.

Lilli realised in 2018 that she has one job - to remind people of who they are and how powerful they can be.


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